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Workplace Remote
Work anywhere as if you were in the office!

Workplace Remote – the VPN that isn't one

The modern workplace's requirements are actually quite simple. Digital workplaces must be location independent while guaranteeing access to data, documents and applications as if you were in the office.

Even if VPN solutions meet such requirements, they must be laboriously installed and maintained on every device. Pintexx is breaking new ground with Workplace Remote. Customer offer refer to Workplace Remote as a "Web VPN", because all that is needed to access the familiar work environment is a browser.

For smaller companies lacking a virtualisation platform, we offer Workplace Remote as a "pinBox" hardware solution.

Windows provisioning with Workplace Remote

With Workplace Remote, access to a Microsoft WindowsTM workstation is incredibly easy. This can be implemented using "Desktop as a Service" on a PC rack or as direct access to the office PC.

Workplace Remote awarded as a VPN alternative by experts

BISG Award width 5 Stars

Workplace Remote offers optimal support for integration into an Active Directory or connection to RADIUS systems. Thus, users need not be created in "Remote" in the standard scenario, which greatly simplifies system configuration.

BISG 5-star award

The Federal Association of IT Experts has examined "Remote" in detail and awarded a 5-star seal of approval.

"With its many useful functions, the flexible and fast integration and, last but not least, the easy handling, 'Remote' was convincing in our test."

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Workplace Remote – Highlight functions at a glance

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No client installation

No client-installation required, no plug-ins, no flash, no ActiveX, no applets.

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Cross browser

Supports all HTML5-compatible browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Safari and the mobile versions on iPad, Android etc.

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Cross platform

Supports all platforms supporting an HTML5 compatible browser such as Windows, Linux, Mac, iPad, Android etc.

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Easy access

Access takes place instantly, usually faster than native RDP clients.

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Easy to use and configure

"Remote" can provide access to desktops and applications within minutes.

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Secure access

Access is via SSL encryption with a selectable TLS level and cipher configuration. Both your own and Let's Encrypt certificates can be used.

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2-factor authentication

The integrated 2-factor authentication via SMS, email, RADIUS or the Google Authenticator provides an additional level of security.

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File upload / download

"Remote" supports file upload and download from/to local machine.

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Clipboard support

Text, images and HTML formats can be transferred between the local PC and the remote system.

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Local printing

Printing takes place via a PDF file on the locally connected printer.

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Das RemoteApp-Feature der RDS-Dienste wird direkt unterstützt.

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Mobile devices

A special Windows keyboard and various touch modes are available for mobile devices.

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Remote maintenance

Other users can connect to an existing session and take control.

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Sound support

The sound output can be played on the local or remote PC.

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Remote supports 2-level scalability, clusters and multi-clusters for many parallel sessions and thousands of users.

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Load balancing

The built-in load balancing for multiple gateways ensures an even load between the individual servers.

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Fail over

If several gateway servers are used, the failure of one server is automatically compensated.

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Access to virtual desktops in VDI environments

Remote supports all VDI platforms that support the RDP protocol like Microsoft Hyper-V, VMWare, Citrix, Oracle VM etc.


Information and notes for administrators and developers

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Remote is supplied as a virtual machine for VMWare and HyperV. VM requirements depend on the number of parallel connections required.

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Remote licensing offers both a purchase and a rental model.

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For developers

Remote provides a comprehensive SDK for software developers. This allows the easy integration of remote desktops or applications into your own systems.

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Pintexx and its partners are happy to assist with installation and configuration.