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Workplace Contacts - Manage contacts centrally

Communication via email is still one of the most important forms of information exchange.
Hardly any other application is used more frequently in daily work.

Pintexx Workplace Mail is a web-based email client with mail, calendar and contact functions.
Installed at the push of a button and ideal for platform-independent access to your emails.

Mail supports the IMAP, SMTP and CalDAV standards and offers the easiest operation and best integration into the Pintexx Workplace family.

Authentication takes place via an LDAP server (Active Directory or OpenLDAP), so existing users and groups can be used.
Or via single sign-on via the cockpit.

Of course, all communication is encrypted via SSL, thus offering maximum security.

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Workplace Contacts - Highlight functions at a glance

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Business contacts

Create and edit address books from various sources.

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Import contacts from different sources or export them to different formats.

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LDAP address books

Create an address book using an LDAP or Active Directory server.

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Exchange or Office 356 address books

Create an address book using an Exchange server or Office 365.

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Manage address books and contacts via an API.