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Workplace ThinStick

Workplace ThinStick
New lease of life for old hardware

Workplace pinStick

Repurpose old hardware as a thin client with pinStick.

Nowadays, when we speak of outdated hardware, we usually refer to the software, or rather the operating system, as the actual technology of the device itself. This is usually more than enough to continue running applications – albeit this is usually prevented by the excessive requirements of current operating systems.

pinOS as hardware accelerator

Pintexx is also setting new standards here. The only requirement for working with Workplace is a modern browser: there is no need for a sophisticated and costly operating system. This is where the USB stick "ThinStick" comes into play. ThinStick contains a bootable Linux operating system called pinOS, which runs smoothly on almost all older Intel PCs and laptops and thus guarantees the use of the devices as a thin client for many years to come.

You can purchase the ThinStick and other hardware from the Workplace Kosmos directly in our online shop.

Smartphones as thin clients

Further to older PCs and laptops, tablets can also be used as thin clients via app and smartphones.

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