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Workplace Office
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Workplace Office

The MS-Office™ compatible solution for browsers.

Microsoft Office™ can easily be made available as a fixed module via Workplace Remote and used where necessary. Alternatively and also, Workplace Office is a highly compatible solution that dynamises working and enables interaction with other Pintexx products.

Easier and faster work with Workplace Office

Workplace Office offers its users the familiar working environment of spreadsheets, word processing and presentation creation directly in the browser. For example, documents can be loaded via Workplace Drive from different sources (Web-Dav, SMB, S3) and edited and saved in the known docx, xlsx or pptx formats without restrictions. Collaboration between several users on a document – including direct conversion to PDF – can be carried out seamlessly.

Save on licensing costs the smart way

Companies can save a lot of money by doing without expensive MS Office™ licenses or by combining a few MS Office™ and more Workplace Office licenses while improving digital work processes at the same time. Working becomes easier, faster, cheaper and therefore more efficient. Give it a try with our online demo.

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Workplace Office Highlights

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Microsoft™ Office alternative

Workplace Office can be used as an alternative to Microsoft™ Office or as a supplement.

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Workplace Office is highly compatible and can easily edit and save .docx, .xlsx and .pptx documents.

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Workplace Office can seamlessly work with all Workplace solutions, such as Drive.

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Workplace Office licenses are significantly more affordable than Microsoft™ Office licenses. When combined the right way, they can save you a lot of money.