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Workplace Drive
connecting sources

Workplace Drive

Access to all your data sources

Workplace Drive is a kind of web version of Windows Explorer that allows access to documents from different data sources. It does not matter whether it is a network drive or a server. The connection via WebDAV, SMB or S3 can be easily integrated into Workplace Drive or mapped. Several drives per user can also be integrated with a connection to Workplace Office. Unlike traditional cloud services, documents can be edited and stored directly in Workplace Drive.

On top of connecting to data sources, Workplace Drive offers all standard file operations, including PDF conversion.

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Online Explorer

Web Explorer with access to external data sources.

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S3 Explorer

Drive is an S3 browser and supports the S3 (Simple Storage Service) protocol for connecting S3 storage systems.

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WebDav Explorer

Drive is a WebDAV browser and supports the WebDAV protocol for connecting WebDAV storage systems such as NextCloud or Sharepoint.

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SMB Explorer

Drive is an SMB browser and supports the SMB protocol for connecting Windows shares or NAS storage.

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File Explorer

Drive supports file operations such as create, copy, move, delete, rename, upload, download files/directories.

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Several storage systems in parallel

Drive can access multiple storage systems in parallel in individual tabs. Files can be exchanged between the memories.

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Conversion to PDF

Drive supports converting Office files to PDF.

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Drive supports creating zip archives for files and directories.

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Drive supports previewing certain file types.

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Drive supports searching for files in their own tab depending on the storage system.

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Online editing of files

Office files can be edited online thanks to the integration of Pintexx Office.

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Active Directory/OpenLDAP support

Connection to Active Directory/OpenLDAP for user authentication.