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Workplace Remote
Control over all applications

Workplace Cockpit: Web Desktop and Security Gateway

Pintexx Cockpit is the central user interface, the so-called “web desktop” of Workplace. In terms of its appearance and application, Cockpit is strongly based on the home screens that users are used to on smartphones and tablets, thus creating a familiar and intuitive working environment that enables immediate work without a long period of getting used to it.

In addition, the cockpit is also an identity solution (IAM) for securing web applications. On the one hand, the cockpit has numerous authentication methods for recognizing a user's digital identity, which can be activated once or multiple times. On the other hand, each type of authentication can be individually combined with 2-factor security.

A unique selling point in authentication is the use of the electronic ID card, which currently has the highest possible security.

Another highlight is FIDO2's support for passwordless login using a security key.
The cockpit supports both hardware keys (e.g. Yubikey) and the smartphone (Android, iOS) as security keys.

Additionally, authentication via AD, Azure AD, Windows login, Radius and Cockpit users is possible.

E-mail, FIDO2, Radius, SMS and Google Authenticator are available in Cockpit for 2-factor authentication (MFA, 2FA).

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Workplace Cockpit – Highlight functions at a glance

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NEW - Log in without a password with your smartphone

With FIDO2 support, not only hardware keys, but also the smartphone (Android, iOS) can be used as security keys without installing additional apps.

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Web Desktop

One desktop for all devices. Access to all web applications in the company depending on the user profile.

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Identity solution

Independent, flexible, easy-to-use complete solution WITHOUT dependence on third-party servers.

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Electronic identity card (Germany only)

Authentication via the electronic identity card is currently the most secure and independent method.

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Numerous authentication methods

ePerso, FIDO2, AD, Azure AD, Windows authentication (Kerberos), Radius, User

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2. Factor

FIDO2, E-Mail, Radius, SMS, Google Authenticator

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Single Sign On

SSO for alle Workplace applications.

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Security Gateway

2nd factor also for web applications without 2-factor support.