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Pintexx Workplace

Pintexx Workplace
More digital independence

Pintexx Workplace – the platform for the modern workplace

Pintexx redefines the digital workplace with Workplace. The entire workplace is centrally administered. There is no need to set up or even install, maintain or care for individual PCs, laptops, tablets or smartphones. The only prerequisite is a modern web browser. Workplace thus supports working on simple thin clients and older PCs – all while meeting the highest security requirements. Further to 2-factor authentication, Workplace already supports registration via the electronic identity card.

For employees, this means that - besides the log-in for their usual work environment, into which Microsoft™ Windows can also be fully integrated – only a one-time log-in is required to access all solutions and web applications.

Work when you want and, above all, where you want, as if you were sitting in the office – quickly, securely and easily, and based on a fair licensing model by active user.


The basis is the IT platform Workplace, on which modules for individual solutions can be separately set up to meet customer requirements. The top module among our customers is Remote, which ensures a Microsoft™ Windows deployment over the Internet. With the help of Cockpit, all applications can be made available in a single portal, which also allows access to web applications such as OWA with a single login. Drive bundles all data sources from Web-DAV, SMB and S3 sources in a virtual drive and makes them available, for example, in Office for direct editing. pinApp makes all these options available on mobile devices. As a rule, access to email services, telephone calls via browsers and video conferences is  implemented with several separate clients on smartphones, tablets, PCs or other solutions. Communication provides these services directly in the Cockpit of your Workplace platform.

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WP - Mail

The universal online mail client for quick access to emails, appointments and contacts.

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WP - Remote

Web VPN with Windows™ deployment provides direct access to the office PC, WTS, or VDI.

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WP - Cockpit

A web desktop and identity solution combined for secure access to web applications.

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WP - Drive

Provision of a virtual drive that can support different sources including SMB, WEB-DAV or S3.

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WP - Chat

A business chat for exchanging information and networking project teams.

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WP - Phone

Phone comfortable inside browser.

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WP - Contacts

Manage address books centrally from different sources.

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WP - Video

Video conferencing or screen sharing with up to 50 participants.

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WP - Office

Alternatively or in addition to Microsoft™ Office. Consisting of word processor, spreadsheet and presentation software.

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WP - App

The Workplace app is available at no cost in all stores and brings the Workplace feeling to your smartphone and tablet.

Hardware products

In addition to software solutions, Pintexx also offers new concepts for dealing with existing or older hardware. Workplace is therefore perfectly suited for the use of "Desktop as a Service" or the use of thin clients, since the hardware requirements are so low that even smartphones can be used as a complete PC replacement without losing performance. With pinBox, Pintexx offers a hardware version of Workplace for smaller companies.

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WP - PC-Rack

Provision of PCs in three different performance classes including pooling system

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WP - ThinStation

Pintexx Workplace ThinStation is an affordable replacement for PCs or laptops in the home office or in the company.

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WP - ThinPhone

Docking station and app that turn smartphones into complete workstations with monitor connection.

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WP - pinBox

The WP Remote solution as a hardware variant for small companies with up to 25 employees

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WP - ThinStick

USB stick to converts existing laptops and PCs into thin clients