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Mar | 2024

Login to Cockpit without password with SmartPhone

Feature Highlights

The experts agree.
FIDO2 is currently the most secure method for authentication, standardized and can be used both via browser and Windows.

Why so sure?
A password is no longer required and the security key is safely stored on a hardware stick.

The need for a hardware key (such as Yubikey) has so far been the disadvantage of FIDO2, as it entails corresponding costs and administrative effort.

But now it is possible to use the SmartPhone as a hardware key.
No additional app is required.
The new Cockpit version supports registration and login with Chrome and Edge as soon as the smartphone is connected to the PC via Bluetooth.

Simply enter your login in the cockpit, confirm on your smartphone using Face ID or fingerprint, and registration is complete.

A fantastic new feature that combines safety with comfort.