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Pintexx Workplace is a web-based IT platform for tailoring modern workplaces to meet company-specific requirements

Pintexx Workplace works across platforms, locations and devices, and can scale from 1 to > 10,000 workplaces. Moreover, it offers all important security technologies – including authentication with electronic identity card – based on a fair licensing model by active users. The administration takes place completely via the platform, the workstation only needs a browser without further installations.

  • More digital independence
  • Central authentication with the electronic identity card
  • Seamless hardware and software combination
  • Smartphone workplace
  • Works anytime and anywhere
  • Merging office and home office
  • Web-based desktop with access to enterprise applications
  • Cost-effective alternative for terminal servers and VDI
Pintexx Workplace Cosmos Workplace Windows / Mac / Linux Desktop / Tablet / Smartphone Office / Home Office / World Wide 1 to > 10,000 workplaces Licensing model based on active users

Pintexx Workplace defines the digital workplace 2.0

With Workplace, Pintexx has created an IT platform that offers companies, municipalities and global corporations more security, flexibility, independence and control. Thanks to its modular design, Pintexx Workplace can be individually adapted to any requirement.

The workplace is being redefined and seen as a unit encompassing a screen or PC, tablet, smartphone, telephone, authentication and all security features, including a desktop with access to company applications.

It is irrelevant whether they are Microsoft products, open source products or web applications.

And all you need is a browser.

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Highest security

The Pintexx Workplace platform supports the FIPS and CIS standard.

Logo: CIS. - Center for Internet Security
Logo: NIST - National Institute of Standards and Technology
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Workplace Software Solutions

Pintexx Workplace is a modular system. The key component is the IT platform Workplace, on which individual software solutions can be set up depending on the requirements. If your corporate hardware resources prove insufficient, you are considering a change or planning a new structure – e.g.,  a cloud-based solution – individual solutions can be replaced, supplemented or expanded with hardware components.

Home Office

"Web VPN" provides direct access to the office PC, WTS or VDI.

Software Portal

Consolidation of all web-based sources in a single portal. This includes Pintexx Workplace applications or customer applications.

Windows™ - Deployment

Provision of Microsoft™ Windows applications in the browser

Unified Communication

Standards redesigned. WP Communication makes communication easier and safer thanks to its integration with Workplace.

Virtual drive

Provision of a virtual drive that can support different sources including SMB, WEB-DAV or S3.

Web Office

Alternatively or in addition to Microsoft Office with word processing, spreadsheet and presentation software


Provision of a large number of authentication options and 2-factor connections including registration with an electronic identity card.

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Thanks to its modular design, Pintexx Workplace can be individually tailored to meet nearly any customer requirement.

Talk to us and let's find a solution together!

Tel. +49 7133 /95 79 59 - 0

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Workplace Hardware Solutions

Pintexx hardware solutions are the perfect complement to all software modules. To extend the service life of your corporate hardware resources, Pintexx offers Workplace as a hosted version in a German data centre; older laptops and PCs can be completely reconnected with the pin stick while smartphones become complete thin client workstations with the Pintexx docking station.

Desktop as a Service

Provision of PCs in 3 different performance classes including pooling system

Thin Clients

Pintexx Workplace ThinStation is an affordable replacement for PCs or laptops in the home office or in the company.


Docking station and app that turn smartphones into complete workstations with monitor connection.

Old hardware

USB stick to converts existing laptops and PCs into thin clients.



Pintexx Workplace can manage customers with 1 to 10,000 workplaces

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Workplace: New concepts

Pintexx is breaking completely new ground with Workplace. Part of the innovative concepts is a completely new perspective on how a modern workplace should look and operates as regards content and technology.

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Authentication via electronic identity card

There is a company behind every current authentication method. Why not use the State as the most secure authority?

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There is no difference between office and home office anymore

User no longer care where they work because access remains the same.

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The PC-free office

PCs are now available in the data centre via the PC rack. Access is "remote" and only thin clients & printers are needed in the office.

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Desktop as a Service – PC as a Service

A user needs a PC with a custom configuration? With the best possible performance? The solution is just a few mouse clicks away.

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Smartphone workplace

People consider PCs as a workplace. Why not use a smartphone instead and save tons of money?

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Smart devices

Hardware and software are part of a complete solution. Our thin clients are perfectly matched to our solution.

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Simple Workplace

Current environments are often complicated for users and time-consuming for the admin. Pintexx Workplace is not.



Komm.ONE is the central IT service provider for the approximately 1,100 municipalities in Baden-Württemberg. Komm.ONE supports their services to citizens and society at large by initiating and driving digital projects forward, as well as implementing legal requirements in good time.

THW – German Federal Agency for Technical Relief

The Federal Agency for Technical Relief is the German civil and disaster protection organisation of the federal government with volunteers and full-time employees under the responsibility of the Federal Ministry of the Interior and Homeland.


ArcelorMittal is the world's largest steel and mining company; it is present in over 60 countries and has an industrial presence in more than 20 countries.

SLG St. Paulus

Twelve hospitals with around 10,000 employees and 3,400 beds operate under the roof of the Kath. St. Paulus Gesellschaft.

City of Wiesbaden (Germany)

The City of Wiesbaden, the state capital of the state of Hesse with almost 300,000 inhabitants, is one of the core cities of the Frankfurt/Rhine-Main metropolitan region.

City of Salzburg (Austria)

The city of Salzburg is the fourth largest city in Austria, after Vienna, Graz and Linz.

  • Komm.One
  • Bundesanstalt Technisches Hilfswerk (THW )
  • ArcelorMittal Germany Holding GmbH
  • SLG St. Paulus
  • Stadt Salzburg
  • Stadt Wiesbaden
  • Reitzner AG
  • eSpectrum Internet-Solution GmbH